Activity 6: Playtest Plan

The following shows the core elements of our playtest plan.

  1. Goals of playtest session:
  • Gameplay responsiveness and player engagement
  • Game balance
  • Atmosphere and ambient of the game

2. Playtesters of the game:

  • Team members within studio
  • Playtest externally (A person who has not involved in the development of the game)

3. Playtest method:

  • Individual playtest and interview
  • Talk out loud during the playtest

4. Types of data to collect:

  • Observation notes
  • Survey responses

5. Test takes to be performed:

  • 5 minutes of gameplay at the first level of the prototype

6. Necessary resources:

  • Feedback forms
  • Survey forms/questions
  • Observation checklist

7. How to analyse the data:

  • Trying to let the playtester to provide a more objective comments
  • The satisfactory level of playtester after playing the game, from several levels, e.g. gameplay mechanics, level of enjoyment, game balance, etc.


After discussing the above elements of the playtest plan, we have created the following template of the plan.


Overall approach, including resources required Session Goals Method How to Analyse
What to measure How to test
Play testers will play the game individually. They will start the game at the first level and play the game for 5 minutes. If they die too early, we will ask play testers to restart the level. At the playtest session, we will ask them to think out loud, and to ask them to describe how they are going during the playtest.


Before playtesting, we will ask them to complete a form for the background information of play testers about their experience in playing video game and asking them to complete a short survey after the playtest.


Resources: Level 1 of prototype, note taking tools (laptop, notepad), interview question/survey

Goal 1:

Level of game responsiveness and player engagement


Self-reported of how the game responses to the interaction of player and the level of enjoyment of the player in game. On completion, player will be interviewed and the interview will be guided by the following questions.

–        The game was fun to play?

–        The characters in game are enjoyable to look at?

–        The game world is enjoyable to look at?

–        Would you be interested to play again if the game comes out as a final product?

Follow-up questions will be asked as required

Review survey after completion of playtest to establish key responses from participants looking for pattern, look for similar responses from different players
Goal 2:

Level of balance of the game mechanic


Ability to achieve goals and solving challenges Gameplay observation and talk out loud responses Reviewing the amount of goals that players have achieved and identify the difficult part in game
Goal 3:

Level of performance of ambient and sound in the game


Ability of immersion of the game to player Player will be interviewed by the following questions.

–        The game music was enjoyable to listen?

–        The sound effects were enjoyable to listen?

Follow-up questions will be asked as if required.

Reviewing the survey after completion of playtest

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