Playtest report

Student name: Chi Yan Chau

Student number: N9316311


Playtest Report


Participant demographics

For the playtesting, I have invited 3 people, 2 from the studio and 1 who knew nothing about this prototype before the test began. All testers also have experiences of playing game with keyboard or with computer. This was done as to retrieve feedback from the studio as well as some unbiased feedback of the prototype. Each playtest last for 10 to 15 minutes, and that testers played the game without any remind from me. Before the test begins, I have asked each of the participants about their gaming preferences and background so to know more about the gaming experience of participants. After the playtest, I also have interviewed few questions for them about their feelings and feedbacks for the prototype. I discovered that 2 of them enjoyed MMORPG and 1 of them enjoyed MOBA.


Discussion findings

After the playtesting session, as different participants have different gaming preferences and styles, I have integrated their feedbacks about the prototype in the following table after a short discussion and interview with them, and asking them to give points to each question (1 is lowest while 5 is highest).


Questions Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Average
Was the game fun to play? 2 3 3 2.67
Are the characters in game are enjoyable to look at? 2 2 3 2.33
Is the game world enjoyable to look at? 3 4 3 3.33
Would you be interested to play again if the game comes out as a final product? 4 4 4 4


Was the enemy  AI too difficult? 2 3 3 2.67
The game sound effects were enjoyable to listen? 2 1 3 2



From the above table, it reflects the game responsiveness and player engagement of the gameplay. The interview provides detailed and useful information for improving the prototype. As a result, the following issues were found for the need of improvement. First of all, the table shows that the prototype has a 2.33 average points given to the characters which represent the characters were not attractive enough to participants. On the other hand, the game has a lowest average point of 2 points in the enjoyment of sound effects. These are the main problems encountered by the prototype.


Discussion findings and recommendations


Problem Encountered Descriptions Recommendations
Game sound effects Sound effects in the prototype are too repetitive, for example only one sound effect is implemented to the shooting effect of player Creating conditions of sound effect in unity, for example while launching beam by the player, shooting towards different area will have different sound effect and different sound effects for different objects
Outlook of game character Character in games only have basic outline of the shapes which reported to be unattractive Adding and creating new shapes in the prototype. Meanwhile, even same type of shape could consist of different models
Player health The prototype has a health mechanics but players have no idea how much health they have, hence they do not know when will they die Adding HUD in unity for showing health points of player, additionally a score mechanics could also be presented in the HUD
Game respawn mechanics The prototype does not consist of a replay system which does not allow player to replay after they lose, but the file needs to execute again Creating a script to replay the scenes while the player object has destroyed

Evidences of playtest

Observation notes

Player 1


Player 2


Player 3




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