Prototype Submission + Contribution – Jim

Here is a link for the prototype :

The folder contains 3 elements : 1 folder containing the game executable, the folder used to launch the scene in Unity and a folder containing the assets I made.

Specifications :

  • You move the character by using QAWD
  • You shoot with SPACE
  • You can quit the game at any time using ESCAPE
  • The enemies do damage by touching you
  • Lazors damage your character but does not damage enemies
  • Lazors spawn are invincible
  • The difficulty is increasing 3 times, for a total of 4 levels of difficulty
  • The player has 200 health, corresponding to 8 hits

Prototype Contribution :

  • Most of the prototype has been done following the IGB100 video tutorials
  • I also used the Unity Documentation for certain things like how to implement music or quit the game
  • I made all the assets myself except the explosion one, which is from the tutorial.
  • The music is a electro style music by Seico
  • I worked on the prototype alone, and modified elements after self play-testing.

Seico – Bitcrusher :


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