Reflections – Jim

1.Professional development and practice

This unit is for me a way to learn Unity as I have no experience with this game engine. I am somewhat accustomed to engine through UE4 but Unity has a different view about how we should do things, making me a complete beginner. I started the game by following the help provided by the 4 introductory videos, making my game a playable prototype, then I continued to experiment about different things as well as how I could re-use what I created before in a different context. I tried to expand a bit the simple SHMUP experience by adding a bit of interactivity with the music, sadly, I didn’t have enough time to complete the whole synch since I was a bit late on the prototype. This is the point that took me most time and probably the most amusing one. The audio aspect is often neglected in a lot of game and especially in little games such as 2D / shoot em’ up. A great counter example would be the Touhou series which is for me a great source of inspiration for this genre of game.


2.Working as a team

I personally don’t like working with team of random / newly encountered people because of the difference in mentality and point of view. Even though our team is nice and everyone is doing his job, we can see that we must all make concession about how we would like to do the game to agree on a game concept. For example, I would have preferred something more colorful, but we agreed on a “Black and White” atmosphere. We managed to agree on a general idea of a good game we would like to do, and I personally hope that our prototypes will be quite different, showing how me managed to get different games reflecting our visions even with a fixed concept.

However, I’ve to admit that this team is much more enjoyable to work with than the one from INB280. As said before, everyone is participating and doing his work, which isn’t always the case. We’ve been keeping constant contact on Facebook, with the team helping me to solve issues on my prototype or even just discussing about the weekly blogposts.

  1. Working Independently

I’ve always had trouble staying motivated to work on something that is going to be marked. I hate the concept of judging other people work and attributing a mark to it. However, with games it is slightly different. If at school I was learning a lot of useless things that were not directed toward my goal, making games is part of it, so I keep the motivation to work on it, and sometimes I even forget it is actual work. Even when facing challenges, I just take time to think and often leave the computer for some time, so I can think about everything I need to do to solve the problem without focusing too much on HOW I’ll do it. For the first mini-game I didn’t encounter any real difficulties, or at least none that I couldn’t solve.

  1. Ethical considerations

As I said above, I’m looking forward to making game where audio plays an important part, even when the genre doesn’t seem to be suited for it. My favorite game genre being roguelikes and dungeon-crawler, I’m aiming to complete a game that would be considered a pillar in this domain. Even if the shoot em up won’t actually change much for the gaming society at the moment, it gives me experience to be a better game maker for future roguelikes.

Example of a Touhou Music :


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