Student name: Chi Yan Chau

Student number: N9316311

  1. Professional development and practice

In the completion of the game prototype of this shoot ’em up, initially I do not think that my skills match the tasks required. I am studying game design major but have not engaged in any kind of digital game production, as a result, I am a novice in terms of usage of game design software such as Unity. This will be my desired additional skills and knowledges as well in order to fill in the identified gaps.

However, a designer will provide ideas of how the game actually works as well as creating and designing some detailed gameplay mechanics,  for example, proposing an upgrade menu for this shoot ’em up game for brainstorming. This is also an example of how my game design skills match the tasks required.

In describing about the approach of learning new things or informations, I fully utilised the video given by the unit and exploring official tutorial video of Unity in order to achieve some gameplay experiences that the unit’s videos have not been told.

2. Working in a team

In order to work more effective as a team, we have created several communication methods as to exchange informations. For example, Facebook group chat is the most common communication method we used together. On the other hand, we also created shared document for the draft of blog post in Google Drive so that when an individual team member update his content, every member will be able to read and provide comment on it as to work in a more effective team work.

3. Working independently

In this unit, every team member is required to submit an individual prototype. As a result, individual will need to be effective in working out the documentation and prototype. This lead to creating a scheduled timetable for doing the work in this unit. In my case, I used a day to work on the prototype and documents each week as to not putting all the works at the very last minute. This made me a more comfortable and more effective working environment.

4. Ethical considerations

Personally, the development process of the shoot ’em up prototype enhanced my skills in producing an actual digital gameplay experience, while designing game in the future, I would also be able to work together with technical engineer, in a nutshell this development process has a huge impact to me. On the other hand, I do not think that this prototype would impact the society in any degree, the prototype is realistically not a final product and it consists of only very basic shoot ’em up functions, many features required higher technique, furthermore the game has not delivered to public in any kind of ways. In conclusion, this prototype does not have impact in the society.


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