Professional Development and Practice

This unit introduced me to working inside a game engine. I haven’t had any experience working with any programs like Unity before, so these four weeks were quite the learning experience. I have had experience with programming before though, having completed both units IFB104 and CAB201 that respectively worked with the languages Python and C#. This meant that the concepts covered in the Practicals were not completely foreign to me. In my prototype, I mainly just expanded on the stuff covered through the videos. The concepts/ideas were all pretty much planned out in my mind, I just needed to do some minor research to understand what method/function calls I needed to get certain things running. (i.e. Restarting the game/ending the game after a certain time limit, etc.)


Working in a Team

I do enjoy teaming up with new people and trying to tackle a challenge with them. It not only forces me to see different perspectives on a certain topic at hand, but it also allows me to meet new people that may share similar interests. The first week was fairly rocky since our third team member was unable to make it, but after the second week we had everything under control and everyone was doing their part. However, an inherent problem with working in groups of complete strangers, when it comes to game design compromises must be made to make everybody happy. Luckily, I believe we ended up with a game concept that would work very well, and I’m fairly certain the others seem to like it as well.


Working with this group so far has been very enjoyable, and we’ve had constant communication through Facebook. We’ve been helping each other with blog posts and prototype development, and it’s been  much more pleasant than some other units that do require group work.


Working Independently

Lack of motivation is something that I suffer from greatly when it comes to uni-work. However, with game development, it seems like it has done a complete 180-degree turn. The ability to see results almost instantly in Unity after changing a few lines of code is really refreshing compared to just writing paragraph on top of paragraph of text in a report, or even programming a very simple calculator in the command prompt. Actually having a visual representation of your work right there is a massive motivation booster. In terms of what I do when things start to get challenging? I find that after a bit of research most of my problems, in regards to programming/game development, can be solved. Otherwise, I try and experiment with what I know so far and see what I can get to work. If worst came to worst, I’d ask the tutor in the practical classes to assist me.


Ethical Considerations

I do not believe that the game I have developed will make much of a societal or personal impact at all. The SCHMUP genre has been explored greatly in the past, and there’s only so much that can be done with it. At the end of the day, they all really offer the same core gameplay. If anything, I hope that my product gives players the opportunity to escape from reality and just enjoy themselves, since I believe that is the draw of any video game at the end of the day.


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