Activity 1 – Defining Player Experience Goals – Game 2

When we decided what to do for our game, we wanted something quite challenging like our first game, but that would also somehow link with current news in the world.

The game needed to involve reflexes, strategy and would be a precision shooter kind of game.

We try to do game set in a world that isn’t “classical”. Our first game was a minimalistic game, and this one would be satirical.


Our two favourites game ideas were first the giant rubber ducky sniper defence and then the national security fish costume threat. The first game is linked with 2 news. The first one is the biggest rubber ducky that will cross a sea in Canada, and the second is a mistake made from a sniper in France while he was defending the president. The second one was about a man disguised in fish and who got arrested because he was judged as a threat for the national security.

We decided to go for the rubber ducky.


We kept the same player experience goals we had before. We decided of what we wanted to do in terms of PX goals regardless of what our idea would be. The game would be a sniper / precision shooter game when you’re protecting the rubber ducky. A game of reflexes and strategy in a satirical context.

The game will be focused on cognitive attributes. The most important part will be visual processing as well as choice making to keep the rubber ducky as long as possible. The player will have to make choice about which terrorist to eliminate first or which ammunition to use.

These player experiences are important in our game since in our 2 game ideas, shooting precision and time related stuff were involved. I believe they are the base elements when building a FPS where shooting enemies is the major thing to do in the game.



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