Activity 2 : Game look and feel – Game 2

For this game we’ve decided to try to build a game as follow

Mood board

The mood will be serious but ironically. No one would ever protect a giant rubber ducky with a sniper rifle. The game isn’t happy or unhappy. It gives the player the choice to how to see the game.

The style will be greyish since it will be set in a city. We want to do graphism similar to Garry’s mod but we probably won’t be able to have a render like that in the prototype.


In the game, the player will be locked on the roof of a building. The spatial dimensions will be realistic, and the game map will be a part of a city. The player won’t be able to jump or escape the room. We’re not sure yet if the player should be able to move or not as it depends on how we create the game world.

To give a bit more detail about the city, we could say that it would be similar to an actual major city, with roads, big buildings, parks etc. The will have 5 main types of entities. The player, the enemies (terrorists), the civilians (Allies/Neutral) and non-moving entities like trees, bench etc.

The player, civilians and enemies will all have human appearance.

The player might have to do some moral choices like kill civilians to protect the duck.


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