Reflections Game 2 – Jim

During the development of our game design, after exposing our ideas for the style mood and concept, I found it easier to agree upon something with the team. Having already developed something together gave us a better idea of what everyone wanted and on which point we could negotiate. Despite that, I still tried to add a bit more of myself in the game, to get something that would reflect me more in terms of artistic choices. This also give me a better idea on how to design a game even though I don’t really like it. Designing a game is fun, but having to think of mostly everything, every entity beforehand is not what I expected. We are probably more efficient that way, but that didn’t watch my initial vision of game creation.

During the development of game 2, we were initiated to 3D conception with blender. Despite our team composed of mostly (only?) programmers, it gave me an insight on 3D creation and reminded me of why I didn’t choose this major. Even if this is my personal opinion, I find it way harder to create and design 3D object than just programming. However, this might be the same vision design students have of us, so everyone is probably on an equal stand when it comes to game design, creation and programming.

I’m not sure what is the most satisfying in my own work. I find the game building fun in itself, it is not really related to a particular feature of the game. However, if I had to choose about what I prefer in the fact that a project is individual, it would probably be that you can choose the art style of the game: which weapon to use, the mood conveyed by the music etc. Even if gameplay is really important in game, I believe that a good soundtrack and environment is as important as the possibilities of gameplay.

I don’t think you can say there are always ethical issues when building a FPS inspired of recent events. However, and especially in our case with game 2, we decided to pick a game linked with an unusual news (Rubber ducky) and a more serious geopolitical context with terrorism. I’m French and most terrorist attack have been in my country but I don’t feel specially offended by our game in any ways. However, I could understand that some persons (maybe family of victims) could see the game as not suitable or not respectful.



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