Reflection Cycle 3 – Jim Szymanski

During the semester, we were introduced to a new game engine called Unity. I was already familiar with Unreal Engine 4 so I already had some bases with game engines. I proceeded in the same way I did with UE4 to learn how to use it. I used resources available from blackboard as well as tutorial videos and by touching every button in the engine. I would say the last one is probably the most fun / interesting way to learn how to use an engine as you’re not limited by a tutorial explaining only 1 single thing.

I’m not too sure I’ve developed any non-technical skill this semester. It just reminded me how group work is always split unequally and often depends more on your teammate than in yourself. It may sound a bit cynical but in my case I believe an important skill in group work is too believe more in yourself and don’t leave things until the last minute, so you can be on time and eventually catch up with what people didn’t do / Force them to do what they must.

Despite that I believe we did some nice work anyway. We kept track of each other work through tutorials, Facebook, and the website. I believe it is important because even if for example activities are personal submissions, you often need previous knowledge (for example, my activity about objects and rules require the use of player stories, made by lance).

As for personal work management, I don’t think I’ve done well for cycle 3. For cycle 1 and 2 I was always on time / had some advance about my planning. But with the end of semester coming, the lack of motivation and a lot of assignments due (Plus a whole weekend spent at KG for a cross unit project in KMB216), I’ve been getting late on what I first planned. I probably should have been stricter on my schedule to be on time, even though I find it hard to do any good work when you’re not motivated.

Finally, I think I’ve already started to talk a bit about ethical responsibilities in the workspace. It is quite hard to force people to work or even tell them they need to do something. Because I our society where everyone feels offended about every tiny single thing and when they are not happy with what you ask them will just say that “it’s unfair”. I had this experience in a previous unit (INB280) and luckily my group was different this time. It is true we were probably not the most hardworking group and even sometime some work was not done, but if we reminded each other that we needed the other’s work to do our own, everyone would eventually do his own to not let down the group. I was very happy about this set of mind. No one was trying to lie or make the others do his work and everyone would agree on his tasks. When one would miss a class, he would always tell the others on Facebook the day before so we could plan what we would do the next day, send him information’s about what he had to do etc.

Overall I believe this unit was interesting and despite the fact I still don’t like group work at all, our group was nice and enjoyable to work with.


Our 3 games reunited


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