Game 3 Reflection – Chi Yan Chau

Student name: Chi Yan Chau

Student number: N9316311

  1. How you have approached learning new things and/or finding new information during the semester?

I have learned or found many new things during the semester, no matter from cycle one to cycle three. I am personally a game designer as I am studying game design as my major, many of the animations techniques and coding techniques are learnt through the tutorial provided by the units, but mostly I learned the techniques from online tutorial videos because many of the things covered in the tutorial videos are only basics so I will need to explore more in order to do more fancy effects in the prototype. Searching through official unity tutorial is indeed an essential for me to found more techniques that I have never ever learned. Overall, I learned new things through either provided tutorial videos or online resources from official unity and some coding forums which provides useful solutions to specific problems.

2. What additional, non-technical skills you’ve developed during the semester?

In addition, I have indeed develop technical skills during the semester. Throughout the semester, I have worked with two other groupmates in collaborating in three games, we need to have good communications in order to know who is responsible to work on specific work, as well as we might have concerns and questions about every activities we did in every cycle, asking each other advices are indeed another communication skills within group tasks. On the other hand, working individually is also an important skills I have developed, as a result time and schedule management is very important, especially for me, I had multiples of due dates of assignment around the submission date of this unit, I will need to distribute evenly of my working schedule, so that I will have enough time to work on IGB100 and other units as well.

3.  The most effective strategies you used for managing individual and team activities?

I found that the most effective strategies I used for managing individual and team activities are that we will have the compulsory “meeting” every Monday at the workshop session, it is important to let each other know what exactly we are doing in every individual task. As well as, having shared google drive and a facebook group chat is a lot convenience for sharing work with each other, sometimes should a group member contributes or share an idea, this method will be a more convenience method for sharing his thoughts.

4.  The ethical responsibilities associated with working in a team-based environment?

During every cycle, we have divided each group member in working within specific tasks. There are 5 activities throughout every cycle, in terms of fair work practices, we have also contributed with original contents to those activities, in those activities we have brainstormed ideas by ourself, so that I think we have pretty fair work practices. In terms of responsibility, we maintain every member doing 2 different tasks in every cycles, and it was going smooth and clean in every cycles, we do not really found problems in distributing equal workload. Thirdly, in terms of honesty, I believe that we have doing our works honesty, for myself, I believe I have correctly use free assets in the unity asset store and correctly cite those sources, I do not think there is deception throughout cycles. Last but not least, in terms of reasonableness, during the workshop, I believe I should have contributed much in terms of communicating, I am not a well-speaker, I often contribute my content through facebook chatting but rather than in workshop, I will need to improve my communication skills in the future.


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