Activity 3 – Gameplay and Player Stories

The goal of the game is to escape the human prison and save as many of your fellow alien comrades on the way out. This goal can be accomplished by either avoiding/sneaking past the human guards, or by taking the fight to them by using their own weapons against them. There are many different types of human guards, all with their own movement patterns, damage outputs and health levels, the player will have to learn these elements of the game to progress through each level. The game takes place in a very distant future, where humans now have the technology for space travel.

  1. As an alien, I will use my pistol to kill humans in order to save my alien friends.
  2. As an alien, I will use firearms to kill humans to progress through levels.
  3. As an alien, I will use a shotgun to kill enemies faster.
  4. As an alien, I will use a grenade to kill multiple enemies at the same time.
  5. As an alien, I will activate switches to open up doorways in order to progress through a level.
  6. As an alien, I will use my movement to avoid humans and progress through a level stealthily.
  7. As an alien, I will avoid saving my fellow alien friends in order to escape myself and progress through levels much faster.
  8. As an alien, I will use a landmine to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies that walk on it.
  9. As an alien, I will scavenge the game world for weapons to defend myself against the humans.
  10. As an alien, I will try to use my weapons sparingly as some of them have limited amounts of ammunition.

Activity 2 – Game Look and Feel


Mood: Lonely, Fear

Style: Generic Pixel Art Platformer (Mario), dark colour pallete

Shape Structure: Square (maturity, stabilty, balance, stubborness)

Spatial Dimensions/Size/Boundary: Gameplay takes place in a human prison, the player is an alien trying to escape and save his friends along the way. Play is restricted to the jail. Dimensions are based on real life cells, with slight exaggeration in some areas due to the nature of a 2d platformer.

Setting: Far away future, where space travel has been invented. High-level tech is being used.

Representation: Humans are seen as the villains this time around. The aliens were taken against their will to be experimented upon.