Activity 1: Player Experience Goals – Game 3

Clear texts that describe the studio’s three initial ideas for the game player experience goals


  • In terms of PX goals, we want to create a side scroller game that provides a feel of sadness that has some sort of story element which telling a tragedy of the protagonist.


  • To create a feel of betrayal in the game that player will be betrayed by a character and get a chance to choose what that character deserves eventually.


  • Player will face different obstacles throughout the game and that reflexes and speeds will be the key elements in proceeding the game.


Clear text that outlines two favourite game ideas.


  • The first favourite game idea will be the player acts as one of the alien that being betrayed by his allies alien so that throughout the game he will be beating human and his former allies as to revenge the betrayal, this will be encapsulating a big concept that the game world could be starting or already in a space battle war between human and alien and feeling of betrayal.


  • The second one is a more traditional themed game idea, the player acts as one of the warrior who own supernatural power in a middle Ages game world, in the game world there are gods from myth and that these gods are actually destroying human as to take advantage of the world, player will need to defeat all the gods as to revenge what they did to people and how Gods betray normal people. This will be encapsulating a big concept that the game world could be very epic that there are battles and wars between a human and those what we called – gods.


Clear text that describes the studio’s final PX goal for mini-game 3


  • To create a fast-paced gameplay experience of testing player’s reflexes and speed and also brings a feel of mixed feeling in it and that are the feeling of being betrayed and to revenge


The reasoning behind the decision


  • The first game is being designed as it is a pretty suitable game idea for the target audience we chose- Bob, as his favorite game has Starcraft so that in our game, we also include some alien and space battle element, a sci-fi or space themed game can relate to him.
  • The second game is being designed as it is also another suitable game idea for Bob, he is also interested in play Warcraft which has some sort of hero-themed element with magic power so that in our second game idea, we also include a hero themed character with special power owned to defend the world.


A list of the type of PX our team are tapping into


  • We are tapping into an emotional attribute which focuses in sadness as to give a negative feeling to player that the he is being betrayed.
  • On the other hand, we also are tapping into physical attribute which focuses in speed, agility and reflexes as the game will have multiple of obstacles and enemies that require player to dodge and counter so to proceed further.


A description of why PX of this nature is important

  • In the alien idea, those two PX are important as the basic game background story is created based on the PX of sadness and anger, creating negative emotion will lead to a negative behaviours which is in this case the vengeance of his own allies as well as beating up other species (i.e. human). On the other hand, we also want to create a fast-paced gameplay that everything seem lethal to the player but he must go further to his revenge of betrayal and beating all the obstacles so that a PX with speed, reflexes and agility is important
  • In the warrior idea, those two PX are important as the background story mentioned about a post-apocalypse settings in fighting gods, a sadness and negative emotion will be built in the atmosphere and to revenge what the gods have done. On the other hand, we will create a reflexes and agility gameplay experience even player is equipped with special power, attacks from gods are too dangerous to human body, as a result building up fast-paced experience is also important in this case.