Activity 4 – Objects and Rules

5 mechanics of our game would be:

  • Shooting humans: Will be related to physics and economy, the player will use weapons to kill enemies
  • Opening doors: Related to progression, the player will have to find the correct lever to unlock the door
  • Side stepping and jumping: Related to physics, the player will control every movement of his character to progress into the game world.
  • Jumping / moving around to hit weak spots of enemies: Related to physics and tactics, the player will use a previous mechanic plus the aiming mechanic to destroy special enemies / boss
  • Managing resources (Ammo, Health, armour): Everything related to economy. The player will have some weapons with limited ammunition, a certain amount of health etc.

We believe these mechanics are giving a simple but broad range of interaction into the game. It allows the player to control the story and plays the way he wants.

Our target audience are players who want to feel the adventure, be the hero of the story. Basically, taking the story and reworking it to progress with their own style.

Enemies (except bosses) do not need to be killed to progress and there is no weapon (except the first pistols) that are compulsory. Everything just add up to the base experience. The player just chooses how he wants to use them.

Objects in game:

Name Purpose Attributes Relationships Rules
Player Avatar controlled by the player Alien, he can move around and shoot Linked with guns, ammo, health, and enemies. It basically interacts with everything If the health drop below 0, it dies. Is trigger // collide with terrain and enemies
Guns / weapons Used to kill enemies Can be picked up by player, they are items, immobile. Can be found around the world. Some of them have limited ammo. Linked with the player and enemies as they interact together through the projectiles Some have a certain amount of bullet, they have a rate of fire as well as a range / damage zone.
Hoomans The enemies of the player, they’ll try to stop him Human looking, they are also using gun / melee weapons to kill the player. Linked with the player, as they will mostly interact with him only Have a certain move speed, damage, health and detection range.
Grenade Blow things up Single use, they will deal a high amount of damages, but can also kill the player Linked with both hoomans and player. Unique use, deals X damage in a zone.
Landmine Kill the player They’re placed by Hoomans, they will one shot the player if he walks on them. He can destroy them by shooting. Linked with player, guns and hoomans Unique use, deal an incredible amount of damage in a zone
Door Block the player They’ll be placed around in the world in order to stop the player progression Linked with levers Can be opened and closed using a lever
Lever Activate to open a door Placed around the world. They’re linked with one door somewhere else Linked with door Can be used to open a door