Activity 5: Game look and feel

There are three words that describe the look and feel of our game.

  1. Black and white
  2. Minimalist
  3. Geometrical

As well as five images representing the game mood and style.

Image result for black and white


Image result for black and white


Image result for minimalist game


Image result for minimalist design


Image result for geometric design

According to above, we have also created a mood board to capture the essence of the look and feel of the game.

IGB100 A1 Moodboard.jpg

Based on the style and mood of our game, we have identified several key look and feel elements of our game.

  1. In the game, we will have 2 imaginary spatial dimensions.
  2. The game world is as huge as limitless, as the game is played in a abstract world so the accuracy of scale of the game world is not important as well.
  3. The boundary of game world will be limited as in the gameplay experience.
  4. The game does not take place in historic location, as told above the game will take place in an abstract world.
  5. The abstract world does not have either outdoors or indoors world. The world is surrounded with shapes and patterns.
  6. There is no human or living things in the world. The only thing in this world is shapes and patterns.
  7. Simple and upbeat music shall be implemented in the game, the beat shall have indie electro style feel.